Youtube Uploader Bot – Auto upload the same video to different Youtube channels

Managing multiple YouTube channels and uploading bulk videos on YouTube are essential tasks for YouTubers to earn money or marketing on YouTube. Our YouTube Uploader Bot can help you save lots of time and cost by uploading bulk videos to multiple YouTube channels simultaneously.


  • Upload bulk videos to many YouTube channels simultaneously
  • Manage multiple YouTube channels
  • Auto add logo to videos before uploading them to YouTube Channels
  • Decode captcha automatically
  • Can use rotated proxy to run
  • The software is easy to use
  • Frequently update
  • Save time and cost


When you buy YouTubeReupBot software, we will provide you with 2 links, consisting of software link desktop and useragent file link. Download these files and unzip the YouTubeReupBot.rar then double click the YouTubeReupBot.exe to install the software.

Next, you enter the provided license username and password into Login and Password => Click OK to login.

YouTube Uploader Bot - Log in

This is the interface of YouTube Uploader Bot

Youtube Uploader Bot interface

1. Action

In case your Gmail account does not have YouTube channel, you need to select Create Channel at Action section before uploading videos to YouTube.

Youtube Uploader Bot - create channel

In case your Gmail account has YouTube channel already, you select Upload Video at Action section.

Youtube Uploader Bot

2. Run

Run is the number of times that you want the YouTube Upload Bot to run successfully. You can leave it as the default is “9999999”, the software will run continuously till you stop it manually.

Youtube Uploader Bot - Run

3. Useragent

When you purchase the software, we will send you the useragent file link, you need to download that useragent file => click on  at Useragent (Desktop) section => select the downloaded useragent file.

Youtube Uploader Bot - useragent

4. Threads

This is the number of tabs or accounts that run simultaneously.

For example, in case you put 20 into Thread section, the software will run 20 accounts with different browsers at the same time.

YouTube Uploader Bot - thread

Note: You should set the number of threads that complies with your computer configuration. The higher configuration of your PC is, the more threads you can run at the same time.

5. Proxy Source

To avoid being banned by Youtube when you upload multiple videos in a short time, you should use proxy.

>> You can rent safe and cheap proxy from this website

You can select one of 3 options for proxy.

5.1. From Data

At Proxy Source, select From Data

The software will use proxies that were imported with Gmail accounts. Kindly refer to section 6. YouTube Accounts to learn how to import proxy with Gmail accounts into the software.

Proxy from Data - YouTube Upload bot

5.2. From File

At Proxy Source, select From File

Next, at File Proxy section:

  •  In case you select Lines From File, you create a text file to put the proxies one per line. Click on   at File Proxy section => select the proxy file created.

Lines From File - YouTube Upload bot

Note:  Proxy format is IP:Port:Username:Password. Leave username and password empty if your proxy doesn’t have username and password (Some proxies work with IP authentication instead of using username and password).

  • In case you select Lines From Url, you paste the proxy address link into File Proxy section as shown.

YouTube Uploader Bot - URL proxy

5.3. No Proxy

At Proxy Source, select No 

The software will use the IP of your PC to run.

Note: If you upload too many videos with the same IP address, your YouTube Channel can be banned.

6. YouTube Accounts – Youtube Uploader Bot

To import YouTube accounts, you click on Data icon as photo shown

YouTube Uploader Bot - accounts

You will see the Database Manager dialog box => at Select Table, select Accounts

YouTube Uploader Bot - import accounts

Next, refer to HOW TO IMPORT ACCOUNTS to learn how to import accounts into the software.


  • You need to import accounts in the format: Gmail,Password,Recovery mail,Proxy (if any),Port (If any),Proxy User (if any),Proxy Password (if any),Channel Name (if any, when you select Yes at Custom Channel section).
  • The software will fill in the Channel Url column automatically.
  • You can import accounts as the Template.

Then, at YouTube Accounts section, you select the group of accounts that you want to run.

YouTube Uploader Bot - select YouTube accounts

7. Upload Data – Youtube Uploader Bot

When you select Upload Video at Action section, you need to import the data of videos that you want to upload.

Firstly, you click on Data icon as photo shown

Upload Data - YouTube Uploader Bot

Then, you will see the Database Manager dialog box => at Select Table, select Data

There are 2 ways for you to import the data of videos.

7.1. Import data manually

Firstly, click on  on the left corner of the Database Management dialog box => Add Group => Set the group name.

YouTube Upload bot
Add Group
YouTube Upload bot - Enter Group Name
Enter Group Name

Next, click on the created group => click on  icon on the right corner of the Database Management dialog box => select Add Item

Add Item - YouTube Uploader bot

You need to import the following information

  • Video – the name of video in Video folder (you create Video Folder as the instruction in section 8),
  • Title – the YouTube Video Title that you want to upload
  • Description – the content that you want to post in the YouTube description box
  • Tag
  • Category – refer to this list and enter the corresponding number of category that you want to select
    Category Number
    Auto & Vehicles0
    Film & Amination4
    Howto & Style6
    New & Politics8
    Nonprofit & Activism9
    People & Blogs10
    Pets & Animal11
    Science & Technology12
    Travel & Event14
  • Uploaded Video field will be entered automatically during the software operation.

Then, click OK.

Similarly, you can import lots of units of data as you want.

7.2. Import a file

Firstly, you create a Google Sheet file and import data as the Template => you click on File => click on Download => select Comma Separated Value (CSV)

YouTube Uploader Bot - import data

Next, in Database Management dialog box, select Convert => click Import Csv => Click on   icon in the CSV box => Select the created text file of websites => Click OK.

YouTube Uploader Bot
Import Csv
YouTube Upload bot - csv
Select CSV file

Then. these imported data will be saved in CSV group in Database Manager dialog box, you can click on sửa-1.png (22×30)  icon if you want to rename this group in order to remember it easily.

Next, close the Database Manager dialog box.

Finally, at Input Data section, you select the group of data you want to use

8. Folder Cookies, Folder Data & Folder Video

  • Folder Cookies is a place where the software saves cookies and profiles of the accounts. The software will use cookies and profiles for the next runs without logging into accounts again. Create a new Cookies folder on any hardware disk that you want to save cookies and profile and get the path to put into the setting as shown.

YouTube Uploader Bot - Cookies foler

  • Create a new folder named Data to contain data (save the watermark photo if you select Yes at Watermark section) on any hardware disk that you want and get the path to put into the setting as shown

YouTube Upload Bot - Data folder

  • Create a new folder named Video to save videos that you want to upload => copy the path and patse it into the Folder Video section

YouTube Uploader Bot - Folder Video

9. Custom Channel – Youtube Uploader Bot

In case your YouTube account has many channels and you want to customize the channel to upload videos, you can select Yes at Custom Channel? section and import the Channel Name into Data (refer to 7. Upload Data section). The software will upload videos with the Channel that you customize.

Custom Channel - YouTube Upload bot

In case you select No at Custom Channel? section, the software will upload videos to your default channel.

10. Will Watermark – Youtube Uploader Bot

Select Yes at Will Watermark? section in case you want to add watermark to your video.

Wattermark - YouTube Uploader Bot

Note: You need to save the watermark photo in Data Folder (which is created in section 8. Folder Cookies, Folder Data & Folder Video) and set the name of the photo as “watermark”.

Otherwise, you select No.

11. Captcha Key

You need to create an account on, then you charge for the key to paste it into Key section. Our Youtube uploader bot  will decode the captcha automatically.

Key Captcha - Youtube Uploader Bot

12. Random Delay

This section saves the range of time that you want the software to rest between 2 actions.

Unit is millisecond.

For example, you set the value at Random Delay as the following photo, the software will rest in 5- 20 seconds between 2 actions.

YouTube Upload bot - Random Delay

13. Sleep After Upload

This section saves the range of time that you want the software to sleep after uploading a video successfully.

Unit is Millisecond.

YouTube Uploader Bot - Sleep

14. Delete Uploaded Video

If you want to delete the video which had been uploaded, you can select Yes at Delete Uploaded Video. Otherwise, you select No.

YouTube Upload bot - Delete Uploaded Video

Finally, click OK to run the selected feature.

You can click on Show Browser to see how the software create YouTube channel or upload videos in bulk

YouTube upload bot

Thank you for following this Tutorial, we hope it will be useful.

For more details, kindly contact us at Autobotsoft – Top Marketing Software