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Facebook is the most popular social network all over the world with more than 2,9 billion monthly active users. This platform was launched by Mark Zuckerberg with the goal of connecting people globally. Besides, Facebook also attracts personnel and businesses joining to promote the brands and sell products or services. How to make money as well as promote the products effectively to potential customers? Besides impressive marketing campaigns, owning multiple Facebook accounts will also bring you many unexpected benefits. In this article, we will show you an auto register Facebook software – FacebookCreator. It enables you to save time, effort, and money in the process of creating Facebook accounts at the same time.

Outstanding Features of Facebook

The number of Facebook users is rising day by day, and their needs are also increasingly diverse. Therefore, Facebook has been upgraded many times and integrated more applications compared to the original version to satisfy users.

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Facebook used to have its own messaging function. However, now Facebook requires you to download and use a more advanced messaging application named Messenger. It allows you to send and receive messages, take a call, or even make a video call with everyone globally, as long as you have a strong internet connection.


The founder has integrated a variety of games so that users can get access more entertainment options while using the application. On top of that, there are some games you can invite your friends to play with as a team.

Friend suggestions

Facebook will send you add-friend suggestions if you and another have several similar factors. For example, mutual friends, shared interests, follow the same pages, same profile information (school, current living position, working address), etc. You can expand your circle of friends thanks to this function.


Facebook is a mini-economy market, so the founders have created the marketplace category. In fact, it has made your businesses easier than it ever was before. You can create your store in the marketplace section, and post photos and detailed descriptions of products you offer to users. Through it, you can access more potential customers whether they are your friends or not.

However, when it comes to online business on Facebook, content marketing is an essential part of promoting and developing marketing strategies for many companies. Let’s come to the next part to have a clearer view of content marketing on Facebook.

Content Marketing on Facebook

Although Facebook is one of the top potential sales channels, the competition rate is very high now. Not everyone can succeed in taking advantage of this platform to boost their work effectively. You should focus more on creating content that attracts viewers and building a sound content marketing strategy.

You should also pay attention to some factors to control your strategy in the right direction when creating content marketing on Facebook.

Identify Potential Customers

It is important to identify and understand the needs of the target customer, their interest in your product and their affordability. This supports you in creating highly engaging content and promoting your products more efficiently. On top of that, it also enables you to reduce unnecessary marketing costs on the wrong customers.

Determine Topic

Selecting and developing the right topic from the beginning will help you create logical content in every article posted on Facebook. This step should be based on the products or marketing strategies to bring customers relevant and useful information. Also, you should select and use appropriate language for each customer group.

Be Creative in Transferring Information

Besides the article version, video is also one of the best choices for conveying information efficiently on Facebook. According to the current trend, it is easier for Facebook users to spend time watching a video than reading an article. And you can also be as creative as possible to create an impressive video that engages a large number of customers.

Create an Entertainment Space

You should not over-focus on promoting or selling products and ignore the entertainment factor. Facebook is an enjoyable platform, so you must know how to combine elements of entertainment and promotion. You can go live, host mini-games and give some gifts relating to your products. This is one of the most useful methods to access more potential customers on Facebook.

Why Do You Need a Great Auto Register Facebook Software?

Facebook is a virtual world, and most people often evaluate the quality of a fanpage through the number of likes, comments, and followers. Therefore, you should take advantage of virtual Facebook accounts to build a trustworthy fanpage.

However, how to have a large number of Facebook accounts to create likes, comments, and followers? How to create accounts with different IPs? In this case, FacebookCreator is a great software supporting you to create unlimited accounts automatically just with a few clicks.

Facebook Account Creator Bot – Auto Register Facebook Accounts in Bulk With Many Sources

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The demand for marketing on Facebook is increasing day by day. Be aware of users’ needs, Autobotsoft has launched the auto register Facebook accounts software – FacebookCreator. This software integrates multiple interesting and helpful functions with the aim of bringing you great experiences. You can create bulk accounts with different sources such as phone numbers, Gmail, other emails, and temporary emails. Now we will show information in detail so that you can get a clearer view of FacebookCreator software.

Auto Register Facebook accounts with Phone Numbers

FacebookCreator integrates with several OTP websites such as chothuesimcode, codesim, ahasim, and 5sim to enable you to get more choices. You can learn more about them on google, select an OTP web, top-up money, copy the API key and paste into the software. Then the software will automatically receive OTPs and create a mass of Facebook accounts quickly and safely.

Auto Register Facebook with Gmail, Any Email and Temporary Email

If you own multiple Gmail accounts and wish to use them for creating Facebook accounts, FacebookCreator is a great software you should not ignore. This tool allows you to import Gmail account files simply with a few clicks. You need to provide the appropriate format: Gmail – password – recovery email, tool will create bulk Facebook accounts automatically and economically.

Besides Gmail, you can also use distinctive types of email to register for Facebook such as yahoo, hotmail, or outlook. However, you need to activate Imap/Pop3 of these accounts before creating unlimited Facebook accounts by them.

In terms of temporary email, the software will automatically get emails from the web to create Facebook accounts. However, you can only use it once because the system will delete this mail after 10 minutes.

The Different Benefits of Using Auto Register Facebook Software – FacebookCreator Tool

Facebook accounts will be automatically saved in RegisteredAccounts file of the Cookies Folder after being created. This allows users managing accounts more easily and give them better experiences in using our software.

Besides creating accounts, FacebookCreator software also has several beneficial functions such as turning on 2FA, getting UID, updating avatar, and farming accounts registered by tool or from other sources. You should farm them as soon as possible to prevent them from being disabled.

When you create accounts by hand, you will not be able to change IP continuously. And if you use the same IP for many accounts, they will be locked soon. Differently, when you use FacebookCreator tool, it allows you to use multiple different IPs at the same time to guarantee the safety of accounts.

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